Primary Medical Lien Network

Personal Injury Client Treatment Facilitation Services

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We assist you throughout the personal injury case lifecycle.

One call will initiate client coordination of care, access to complete medical bills & records via our secure online 24/7 Attorney Portal and prompt negotiation of outstanding medical liens upon settlement.

It’s that easy!


Injured party consults Personal Injury Attorney regarding accident. Attorney submits 
New Client Intake.


Within 48 hours, OPMF coordinates appointment with Patient and Provider. This and all subsequent treatment recommendations will be actively communicated to Attorney.*


OPMF captures all bills & records that Attorney can access, download and request 24/7 from the OPMF Attorney Portal.


When the case settles, OPMF collaborates with Attorney to achieve a reasonable settlement agreement.**

*OPMF does not direct care nor make medical or legal decisions. Medical treatment is based on provider recommendations.

**OPMF advocates for fair outcomes for all industry participants (patients, Attorneys and other medical lien holders).

Old Pueblo Medical Financing facilitates medical services for personal injury victims on a lien basis, making sure they receive quality coordination of care and the most complete health services available under a lien at a reasonable cost.